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1. What do I absolutely need to bring along when I come to Turkey?

2. Should I pack alot of clothing?

3. Is there a list of essentials I should bring from home?

1. What do I absolutely need to bring along when I come to Turkey?

Original documents are necessary for the Ministry of Education and Labor. You will need your original passport, diploma, university transcript, teaching certificates/licenses and CV. You will need 4 colored passport photos for your residency permit, and while you can get them taken here in Turkey it will save you time and effort if you bring them from home.

- We require scanned, colored copies of all your documents to begin the work visa process.

- We request that you keep your original documents with you in Turkey in case they are required by government inspectors.


2. Should I pack alot of clothing?

Clothing is easily purchased anywhere in Turkey you can find many international brands. For most cities in Turkey you will need clothing for hot climate (25 – 35 Celsius, or 80 – 95 Fahrenheit) as well as very cold weather- it snows! Buildings are rarely air conditioned and schools require teachers to wear long sleeves so bring clothing that is cool and covering. Professional dress is mandatory.

- Schools require men to wear dress shirts, ties and slacks. They do not allow men to have facial hair of any kind.

- Schools require women to wear long sleeves (should cover to the elbow), long skirts/dresses (should cover past the knee) and closed-toe shoes. They do not allow women to wear clothes that are figure-hugging or that reveal cleavage or waist.

- No tattoos or piercings (other than women’s earrings) should be visible at school.

- Outside work you can pretty much wear anything you like but it is better not to be much different from the crowd as you might be singled out by criminals and greedy salespeople especially in tourist attractions.


3. Is there a list of essentials I should bring from home?

There are a few Essentials that you should bring from home. Power adaptors for computers and other electronics

may be difficult to locate at first, so bring a universal adapter. In Turkey the voltage is 230 V with a 50 HZ frequency. C and F plugs are recommended. 


Most medications can be purchased for reasonable prices at the local pharmacies. Even medications that usually require a doctor’s prescription can be sold over the counter here but please inform us of what medications you will need to purchase throughout the year so we can check on its availability here in Turkey. You will not be able to ship medications from home. Mosquito repellant is a necessity in the humid weather, but it can be purchased at local stores as can sunglasses and sun screen. Personal hygiene items of all kinds and brands are available, though feminine hygiene options are a  little limited, Make-up can not be sent from abroad.

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