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1. When does a teacher's contract start? 
2. What are the work Visa procedures and requirments?
3. Who is responcible for getting my residency permit?
4. When do I get my sallary and how is it calculated?
5. How do I recieve my sallary?
6. Are there any bonuses or benefits?

1. When does a teacher's contract start? 

Teacher Contracts will commence on the day the Teacher begins working at the designated campus he/she is assigned and shall expire on August 31st (Unless stated othewise in the contract). Teachers in Turkey will contact you when it is time to make your travel arrangements; your arrival date will depend upon the Teachers’ application and signed contract date and the type of Visa being applied for.


2. What are the work Visa procedures and requirments?

Once the Teacher has signed the TNT contract we will begin working upon the Teacher’s Visa Application and School Placement. Visa Processes will vary according to the Teachers’ qualifications and application dates and Teachers in Turkey will provide step by step information on the Visa Application Process best suited for each Teacher. Teachers in Turkey will provide all necessary documents and paperwork to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and school for visa applications but we ask Teachers to keep track of their appointment dates and original documents.

Regular Teacher's Work Visa

-  Work Visas for Outside of Turkey applicants will be processed by the Turkish

Consulate in the Teacher’s home country and will cost between $300 – 500 local currency (GBP, USD, etc…)

- Because Teachers must go the Turkish Consulate nearest his/her permanent residence to process his/her Work Visas, all fees incurred at the Consulate will be paid by the teacher initially

- Once the teacher has arrived in Turkey and process is completed, all Work Visa Fees (presented with official receipts) will be refunded as part of the teachers’ second paycheck

o See WORK VISA APPLICATION PROCESS for Outside of Turkey document


3. Who is responsible for getting my residency permit?

Work Visas applicants who enter Turkey on an E-Visa will be processed by TNT in Turkey. Original Documents are required in order to process your Residency and Work Visas:

-  Scanned, colored copies of your Passport, 1 passport-sized Photo, Teaching Certificate, Undergraduate Diploma and  University Transcripts will be used before your arrival in Turkey for the Visa Application Process.

- Teachers will also need to fill out the TNT Employment Application Form and Create a Video CV (See TNT Video CV document)

- Your original Teaching Certificate, Undergraduate Diploma and Transcripts may be required by the Ministry of Education and therefore must be brought by the Teacher when he/she enters Turkey

- All original documents will be kept by the Teacher, though we ask you keep these documents with you in Turkey in case they are requested by the Ministry of Education and/or Ministry of Labor inspectors.

- Residency and Work Visas are provided by Teachers in Turkey and all Visa fees will be refunded 100% as part of the Teacher’s second paycheck as long as the Teacher provides TNT with all official Consulate receipts

- See Residency – Work Visas Application Process for E-Visa Entry document


4. When do I get my sallary and how is it calculated?

Pay Day is always on the 15th of the month and your first pay day will be on the 15th of the month following your start of teaching. Ex) Start date of September 1, pay day is October15. Start date of October 7, pay day is November 15.

- In Turkey monthly pay is calculated based on a 30 day month, regardless of actual dates.

- This means that your monthly pay includes weekends and when there is a deduction for an absence, you divide your monthly salary by 30 to calculate your daily pay. (Ex: 3,300 / 30 = 110.)

- Pay slips can be provided by schools, though due to the language barrier it is best to make the request to TNT first so we can contact the schools’ accounting departments.


5. How do I recieve my salary?

A Turkish Bank Account will need to be opened once you have your Work Visa. Teachers in Turkey will help you set up your account and thereafter your salaries will be directly deposited into your account.

- There will be no cash payments after you have obtained your Work Visa.


6. Are there any bonuses or benefits?

- Teachers will have the chance to have free lunch and sometimes free breakfast at their campuses.

- Teachers may have the chance to use school service bus for free if there is an available seat.

- We also offer complimentary city tours all through the year.

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